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‘Kashmiris, Sikh community must launch joint strategy against India’s extra-territorial actions’

Birmingham: Kashmiris and Sikh community must launch a joint strategy against India’s illegal extra-territorial actions which have resulted in murder of innocent citizens, said leaders and activists of the two communities.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Joga Singh, Speaker of World Sikh parliament said, “The murder of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar by Indian government agents in Canada demands overseas Kashmiris and members of the Sikh community to join hands and fight back India.”

Joga Singh was joined by Fahim Kayani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir, UK, Muzammil Ayub Thakur, President of World Kashmir Freedom Movement, Loveshinder Singh, Coordinator of Federation of Sikh Organizations and Ch Ikram ul Haq of Tehreek-e-Kashmir, Birmingham.

The Kashmiri and Sikh leaders addressed a joint news conference in Birmingham in the wake of the Canadian government’s allegations against India.

They said the revelations by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said that India was behind assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, were credible, and had sent shock waves across the globe as activists and freedom fighters are taking extra measures against Indian agents.

Fahim Kayani said Kashmiris and Sikh community have always informed the international community that India was involved in extrajudicial killings. “Now, Indian rogue agents have struck deep inside the western nations who gave India a free hand to commit Kashmiris’ genocide,” he recalled.

“Canada must show steadfastness to take this case to its logical conclusion as there are tens of hundreds of such cases where India is involved in crimes against humanity,” he added.

The Kashmiri and Sikh leaders said the revelations by Canada have exposed the state-sponsored terrorism by India across the globe. “We demand of the governments across the globe to punish India by expelling their diplomats as it is sheer violation of international law and Vienna conventions as diplomatic missions are being used as murder houses of activists and freedom lovers,” they lamented.

Recalling how Nazi Germany was appeased by the international community which led to extermination of Jews, the Kashmiri and Sikh leaders said: “This is not the time to appease Modi, who is a murder accused himself. If western nations continue to remain silent, they are complicit in India’s extra-judicial and extra-territorial murders and illegal activities.”

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