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Indian media reports regarding Pakistan misleading: Experts

Islamabad: The reports circulating in the Indian media suggesting that Pakistan lacks the financial means to pay its diplomatic missions abroad, while simultaneously alleging that it is funding an anti-India campaign in Canada and supporting Sikhs’ Khalistan cause, are misleading.

According to Kashmir Media Service, political experts and analysts have said that it is important to approach such assertions with a discerning eye, as they lack substantive evidence and may be driven by political motives.

They maintained that the sentiment among Sikhs, particularly concerning the tragic killing of Hardeep Sikh Nijjar in Canada, is an indigenous grievance rooted in specific incidents and historical context. They said, blaming Pakistan for fomenting discontent within the Sikh community oversimplifies a complex issue and diverts attention from addressing the underlying concerns of a community with a legitimate history of grievances.

They suggested the Indian media to base their assessments on verified information, rather than relying solely on sensationalist narratives.

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