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Alienation among Kashmiris turned into ‘hatred’ against rulers from outside: Dulat


New Delhi: Amarjit Singh Dulat, former chief of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has admitted that the alienation among the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir has now turned into “hatred”.

A.S. Dulat in a media interview said, “One of the principle causes of this hatred is that the people of Kashmir Valley believe they are ruled by outsiders and they do not have their own chief minister and government”.

He, however, deliberately not mentioned the Kashmiris’ cherished goal of freedom from India as granted by the United Nations Security Council.

The former RAW chief said the people in important positions are from outside Jammu and Kashmir– he specifically mentioned South India – and they do not have an understanding of the people or the land. There is no connect between the Kashmiri people and the present administration.

Dulat went on to further claim that “This hatred could be one of the explanations why local people have conveyed false information to the security services and the police, resulting in incidents like the present one in Kokernag” in Islamabad district.

Endorsing the view forcefully put forward by National Conference Chief Farooq Abdullah that we cannot hope to end the violence in Kashmir without talking to Pakistan, Dulat suggested that if the government is unwilling to talk to a caretaker regime in Islamabad it can speak to the army chief directly.

“After all, the ceasefire that came into operation in 2021 was a result of national security advisor Ajit Doval’s contacts and talks with then-army chief Gen. Bajwa,” he added.

Dulat said he did not agree with the Indian Army’s Northern commander’s recently made assertion that ‘militants’ have come over the border in Punjab or Nepal. He said it was hard to accept that militants could travel from Nepal to Kokernag.

He said, the ‘militants’ in Kokernag are well-trained and battle hardened, who have support from local people. He contradicted the line put out by the Indian army and insists that “Kokernag is an ambush”.

Amarjit Singh Dulat says “an error of judgement” has “led us into a trap”. He believes false or misleading information, perhaps conveyed to the deputy superintendent of police who has lost his life, led the army into this ambush.

In the interview, Dulat feared strong militant resistance could prevail over the next six weeks.

Dulat said that claims made by Dilbag Singh, the director-general of police in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, that the state is becoming militancy-free, are “wrong”. He said Dilbag Singh has frequently contradicted himself.

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