No Friday Namaz in the open anywhere in Nuh today

Chandigarh: The Indian authority has not allowed Friday Namaz in the open in the Nuh district of Haryana state in India.

The Haryana district administration said that the Juma (Friday) Namaz would not be allowed in the open in the Nuh district, today, Indian media reports said

The Haryana police have issued an advisory which reads that the internet in the Nuh district will remain suspended, today, till tomorrow.

The Haryana police also arrested a Muslim leader Mamman Khan from Ferozepur Jhirka in Rajasthan state yesterday. He has been arrested on charges related to his alleged involvement in planning the Nuh violence.

The Muslim leader, Mamman Khan, who belongs to the Congress party, was scheduled to appear in the Nuh district court later in the day today (Friday).

The Haryana police have imposed restrictions in Nuh district and tightened the security outside the court.

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