Foreign newspaper cites viral claims about Indian forces’ surrender in Kokernag

Islamabad: A Bangladeshi English newspaper citing social media accounts has said that Indian army, in fact, surrendered in the intense clash began in the early hours of Wednesday, 13 September, when the army and police initiated a joint operation to track down Kashmiri freedom fighters in Kokernag area of Islamabad district in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Daily Sun, the English-language newspaper published in Dhaka, Bangladesh, while commenting on the Kokernag encounter wrote: “An account named , Air Operations Syndicate, shared an image with the caption ‘Interesting details emerging regarding how Indian forces surrendered in the recent encounter’ in Kokernag, Islamabad”.

“Soon after the encounter, an image was shared with multiple claims about the recent loss of Indian soldiers at Anantnag [Islamabad”.

“It is still surprising that Indians who 24/7 boast about their military modernization still lack basic surveillance from UAVs and Quadcopters,” the newspaper added.

“Another account named The Strategic Syndicate shared similar claims in the form of threads on twitter.”

The claims made by these accounts are:

1. Indian Forces Surrendered in the encounter.
2. Col. & Major conducted the operation to hunt down and eliminate Kashmiris in hopes of promotion.
3. Indian Army handed over Col Manpreet Singh, Major Ashish & DSP Humayun Butt to Kashmiri fighters.

However, the newspaper also published the Indian army’s version, which said that “the Indian forces never surrendered in the encounter”.

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