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Farooq Abdullah says Modi govt appeases US, causes suffering for IIOJK apple growers

Srinagar, : National Conference President in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, has said that the Narendra Modi-led Indian government is appeasing the US at the cost of Kashmiri local growers.

He said this while reacting to the Modi regime’s decision to remove additional duties on the import of fruits from the US.

Talking to reporters in Srinagar, Farooq Abdullah said, “When the concessions were announced during the G20, it wasn’t thought that what impact it would have on our economy. It would not only impact J&K but Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand also. Apples and walnuts are our major economy.”

He asked the Indian government to not take a step that would increase the sufferings of already poverty stricken population of IIOJK.

“If they don’t make it easy for the people, we will take to the street and protest.”

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