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More posters in IIOJK on Pakistan Defence Day

Srinagar: More posters have appeared in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir on Pakistan Defence Day, hailing Pakistan’s unflinching support to the Kashmiris struggle for right to self-determination.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the posters have been pasted on walls, pillars and poles by various organizations including Freedom Seekers of Kashmir and Jammu and Kashmir Social Youth Forum, Jammu Kashmir Peoples Resistance Party, in Srinagar and other areas of occupied territory.

The posters read Pakistan Army is ready to go to any extent to support the oppressed people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They say that brave sons of Pakistan are ready to defend Pakistan as well as their brothers in occupied Kashmir.

The posters say that Pakistanis have not left the people of IIOJK alone in the past and will not do so in future. They say that the time is not far away when Kashmir will be freed from the Indian illegal occupation and the Kashmiri people will get their rights.

Meanwhile, people have also hoisted Pakistani flag in different areas of the occupied territory on the occasion of Pakistan Defence Day.

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