‘My family is a victim of political harassment’, says Mamata


Kolkata,: The West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, has said that her family is being victimized and harassed under political motives.

The Chief Minister while addressing the Real Estate Convention 2023 in Kolkata said, “We have not taken even a rupee from anyone or accepted a cup of tea from anyone. I fail to understand one thing. If I purchase something, say a pair of saucers or tea mugs, can the Indian Central agencies like the Enforcement Directorate (ED) probe that”.

Speaking on the occasion, she also accused that some businessmen were also being harassed in a similar manner.

“But do not get afraid. Some people will try to harass you. Some businessmen are being harassed through the agencies just as my family is being harassed. You just move the legal way against harassment,” Banerjee said.

“There is an attempt to portray an image of the state as if nothing but communal tension and clashes happen in West Bengal. But in reality, West Bengal is ahead of all the other states in every area. Could this be possible without all-round development,” she questioned.

Without naming the BJP, Banerjee threw a challenge to the BJP ruling party of the India to counter her politically.

“Fight me politically if you can. But do not start a battle that goes against the interest of West Bengal and its people,” she said.

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