International expert condemns Modi govt for inciting hatred against Muslims in India

Islamabad: An international expert has strongly condemned Narendra Modi’s government for inciting hatred against Muslims in India.

Dr Somdeep Sen, an expert in International Development Studies, has written in an article that India’s attitude towards Muslims is moving towards the United Nations definition of genocide, especially the circumstances leading to the deliberate destruction of Muslims.

Referring to the demolition of over 300 Muslim houses in Haryana province last month, removal of the chapter on Muslim history from the curriculum, boycott of Muslim-owned commercial centres and burning of their properties, he said all this is the result of harassment by Hindu extremists.

It should be noted that earlier in 1989, the President of Geneva Sidewatch, Gregory Stanton, who expressed the fear of possible genocide in Ronda, warned that there is a similar threat of genocide in India.

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