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G20 should stop India from committing HR abuses in IIOJK: Ali Raza Syed

Brussels: The Chairman of Kashmir Council Europe (KCEU), Ali Raza Syed, has appealed to the G20 countries and other world powers to pressurize India to stop human rights violations in illegally occupied Kashmir.

India is hosting the G20 summit in New Delhi on September 9 and 10.

Ali Raza Syed in a statement issued in Brussels, while commenting on the forthcoming meeting of the grouping, said the international community, including the member countries of the G20, knows that India is involved in serious violations of human rights in occupied Kashmir and Kashmiris who have been suffering for a long time, are struggling to achieve their right to self-determination.

He said the Indian authorities want to show that the situation in their country is normal, while the reality is totally opposite. “It is clear that apart from occupied Kashmir, the minorities living in India are also deprived of their basic democratic and human rights. Muslims, Christians and even Hindus belonging to lower castes are victims of the brutality of Indian extremists and mistreatment by the Modi government,” he said.

The KCEU Chairman said the situation in occupied Kashmir is so bad that India does not allow any representative of world human rights organizations and foreign journalists to visit the territory. He said that earlier India had tried to mislead the world about the Kashmir dispute by hosting the meeting of the G20 Tourism Working Group in Srinagar in May, this year. Through such tactics, India wants to continue its illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, he said.

Regarding the successive visits of the Indian Prime Minister Modi to different countries, Ali Raza Syed said India cannot hide its internal horrible actions by building relations with the internationally community, especially when the whole world knows how Modi and his government are violating human rights. He said, the international community must play its role for a peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute.

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