Threat posters appear in Gurugram asking Muslims to leave

New Delhi: Threat posters appeared in Gurugram, a suburb area of the Indian capital New Delhi, asking the Muslims to leave the place or face consequences.

The posters were pasted on the walls of a few shops at a slum in Sector 69 of Gurugram a before Monday’s call by Hindutva organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) led groups for a ‘shobha yatra’ to resume the Brij Mandal Shobha Yatra in Nuh district which was disrupted by the communal clashes in July.

The posters threatened the residents of the shanties, a majority of whom migrated from West Bengal, to leave the area or be prepared to face the consequences.

The migrant labourers stated that they did not know how to read the posters written in Hindi but their employers informed them that they were threats.

In a complaint registered in this regard, Mojed said he found the poster on the wall of his tea shop on Sunday morning. He said the poster carried the names of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal and asked all Muslims to vacate or be “responsible for their death”.

The posters also threatened to rape Muslim women and burn their shanties down.

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