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‘Role of Pakistani community in UK for Kashmir freedom will always be remembered’

High Wycombe, UK: Former Mayor of High Wycombe Mehboob Hussain Bhatti has said that Pakistanis and Kashmiris living in the United Kingdom are rendering remarkable services to make Pakistan prominent in every sphere of life.

Mehboob Hussain Bhatti was discussing in a meeting with prominent Kashmiri intellectual and President of Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD, Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum. Basharat Mehmood Shakir educationist was also present in the meeting.

Mehboob Hussain Bhatti said the role of the Pakistani community for the freedom of Kashmir will always be remembered. “I am the first Pakistani who has recently been honored with an award by the Lord Chief Justice for excellence for which I thank Allah.”

He said that he had been serving as a Justice of the Peace for twenty years, which he was proud of and the British Minister for Ireland, Steve Baker, on his suggestion, had also held a rich historical debate on Kashmir in the House of Commons.

Former Mayor High Wycombe, Educationist Prof.Shafiq Chaudhry Chairman Christian Muslim Relations Council also met Dr Muhammad Tahir Tabassum and emphasized the need of harmony, tolerance and coexistence between religions and faiths to further promote this mission.

Dr Tahir Tabassum said the trend of religious extremism has taken a terrible form which is a poison for the society and there is an urgent need for an effective strategy to remedy it. He strongly condemned the desecration of the Holy Quran and the burning incident in Sweden and demanded of the United Nations and the European Union to enact effective legislation to prevent such tragic incidents in the future because these tragedies promote religious extremism.

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