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Galaxy of speakers throw light on dimensions of Kashmir dispute at Lahore seminar


Lahore: Speakers at seminar called for the implementation of the UN resolutions to resolve the Kashmir dispute saying that the democratic struggle is nature of the Kashmir freedom movement, and India claiming to be champion of democracy is supposed to pave the way for a democratic solution of the dispute.

The seminar seminar titled “Kashmir: Aorta of Pakistan” held in Lahore at Government College University (GCU) Lahore under the auspices of the University’s Kashmir Society and the Ex Servicemen Society, Pakistan.

A large number of eminent speakers including Lieutenant General (R) Abdul Qayyum, Chairman of the Ex-Servicemen Society, shared insights into the Kashmir situation.

The seminar also incorporated artistic expressions to convey the harsh realities endured by the Kashmiri people under Indian military presence.

Students from the Dramatics Clubs of Punjab University and GC University showcased various Urdu plays, offering a window into the atrocities inflicted by the Indian army on Kashmiris.

Mushaal Hussain Mullick, advisor to caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan and a prominent advocate for the Kashmir cause, addressed the seminar through a compelling video message.

Lt. Gen. (r) Abdul Qayyum highlighted the resolve of Kashmiris in their quest for freedom. He observed a dichotomy in the global discourse, where human rights rhetoric sometimes takes a back seat to self-interest.

Lt. Gen. Qayyum noted that Pakistan is grappling with a hybrid war. He expressed confidence in the army’s resilience against adversaries and highlighted attempts of enemies to tarnish its image through propaganda.

Dr. Asghar Zaidi, GCU’s Vice Chancellor, reiterated the commitment of the GCU Kashmir Society to raise awareness about the Kashmir issue across diverse platforms.

Brig. Retired Javed Ahmed, a prominent advocate for Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir at the United Nations, shared his perspective on the deep-rooted connection between Kashmir and Pakistan spanning 75 years.

Speakers collectively called for the resolution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolutions, emphasizing the intrinsic demographic and geographic connection between Kashmir and Pakistan.

Lt. Gen. Ashraf Saleem, an Old Ravian, expressed concerns about India’s attempts to control Pakistan’s water resources, adding another layer of complexity to the Kashmir issue.
Dr. Amir Ejaz, Vice-Chancellor of Qurshi University, stressed the pivotal role of knowledge in achieving development and freedom. He highlighted the vast mineral resources within Pakistan but pointed to the technological gaps hindering their effective utilization.

The seminar provided a platform for diverse perspectives to converge on the Kashmir issue, underscoring its multifaceted nature and the collective efforts directed toward its resolution.

Engr Mushtaq Mehmood, APHC-AJK leader, was the special guest of the event. In his speech, the APHC leader highlighted human rights voilations in IIOK under black laws. He declared abrogation of Article 370 an open voilation of international law.

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