Gang of Hindutva goons molests minor Dalit girl in Uttar Pradesh

New Delhi: A minor Dalit girl was molested by a gang of Hindutva goons in the BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh state of India.

A video surfaced on social media showed the girl being harassed by a gang mostly associated with RSS/BJP and Banjran Dal in the Machhlishahr area of the state.

The victim said that six men barged into her house and abducted her from the Machhlishahr area of Jaunpur. She said that she was taken to a faraway spot and was molested by them.

This incident is said to have taken place on August 14 evening. Fearing threats given by the accused, the family members had kept the incident under wraps but on August 16, after the video of the molestation went viral on social media, the mother of the victim reached out to the authorities.

The victim’s mother filed an official complaint at a local police station.

Superintendent of Police Ajay Pal Sharma said the accused, identified as Ashish, Vicky, Gore, Pramod, Pappu, and Sheshmani, have been named in the case.

In another incident, a man in Madhya Pradesh, who served a decade behind bars in a rape case committed the same crime again after having been released from jail. The accused raped a 5-year-old Dalit girl. The sentence of 10 years imprisonment left no apparent mark of reform on the mind of the accused. He stepped out of the jail around a year and a half back and raped another minor. The incident came to light after the victim had gone missing on Wednesday evening at around 5 pm. Following this, her grandmother started searching for her. The girl was found in a bloody condition at some distance.

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