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Khalistan supporters hold demo in Paris against persecution of Sikhs in India

Paris, March 31 (KMS): A large number of Sikhs held a protest demonstration in Paris against the persecution of Sikhs by the Narendra Modi-led fascist in India, particularly in the Punjab state.

The participants of the organised by Gurduwara Prabhadank Committiee France and European Sikh Organisation were holding Khalistan flags and placards and banners with pictures of prominent Sikh leaders including Amritpal Singh.

The protesters strongly denounced the crackdown launched by the Indian police to arrest Amritpal Singh and other leaders of Khalistan movement. They also condemned the arrest of hundreds of Sikhs by the Indian police during the last few days for supporting the Khalistan movement. They raised pro-Khalistan, anti-India and antiModi slogans.

Addressing the protesters, the speakers said that the Sikhs in India will succeed in their struggle to achieve Khalistan.

It is to mention here that Sikhs in India and across the world are demanding their own homeland by separating Punjab from India and declaring it Khalistan.

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