In video message, Amritpal Singh appeals to Sikhs around globe to unite for Punjab cause

New Delhi, March 29 (KMS): Pro-Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh appeared on a video message on Wednesday, appealing to Sikhs around the world to “unite for a larger cause”.

In the purportedly recorded video message released on a YouTube channel, Amritpal Singh narrated the incidents that took place after the police crackdown on him began on March 18.

The video was reportedly shot in Uttar Pradesh and was distributed by UK handles.

Further in the video, Amritpal Singh appealed to Sikh organisations across the world to participate in a Sarbat Khalsa event on Baisakhi.

At the same time, he said that the Golden Temple Jathedar should take a stand in this matter and all the Jathedars and Taksals should also participate in Sarbat Khalsa.

Sarbat Khalsa is a meeting which is attended by various Sikh organisations to discuss the issues related to the community. After the discussion, the jathedar of the Akal Takht directs the community to follow the solutions discussed in the meeting.

In the video, Amritpal said, “I appeal to all the Sikh people in the country and abroad to participate in the Sarbat Khalsa program to be held on Baisakhi. For a long time, our community is engrossed in putting up fronts on small issues. If we have to solve the issues of Punjab, then we have to be together. The way the government has cheated us, has to be kept in mind. Many comrades have been arrested and NSA has been imposed, many of my comrades have been sent to Assam. That’s why I appeal to all Sikhs to assemble on the occasion of Baisakhi.”

He also said, “If the intention of the government was to arrest me, then it would have arrested me. If the government had arrested us from home, we would have obliged. But the government tried to arrest me by encircling me with ‘lakhs of force’.”

Amritpal Singh also affirmed that he was not arrested by the police. “My arrest is in the hands of the almighty.I am on top of the world.Nobody could do anything to me,” Amritpal said in the video.

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