Article: No external power can succeed in overpowering Pakistan in presence of strong and professional army


Undoubtedly military power is an undeniable factor which really matters in the national development and power potential of a state. Military plays a primary role in protecting the citizens and national interests of a state. It’s the army of a state who ensures independence, security, territorial integrity and combats any kind of threat or aggression. No external powers succeed in overpowering the state in the presence of a strong and highly professional army.

Pak Army is one of the strongest armies in the world and the most popular institute of the state of Pakistan. A very highly professional army remains always on forefront to ensure the national security and unity of Pakistan. They have been playing an important role in defining, designing and promoting the national interest of a state. Since the independence of Pakistan, Pak Army has been facing the challenges and hardships in confronting the enemies of various categories in conventional and unconventional warfare. They have played a decisive role in the modern history of Pakistan, particularly by fighting major wars with India in 1947–1948, 1965 and 1971. Two of the three major wars and a limited war in 1999 were fought because of the Kashmir dispute.

Jammu and Kashmir is one the long standing disputes of the world. The people of Jammu and Kashmir are fighting for the right of self-determination, which India is not ready to give. India, for its national interest and power, is keeping dominance in Jammu and Kashmir through its security force and terror of its laws to maintain its power in the South Asia region. There are many reasons that India wants to maintain its dominance in Kashmir through its security forces. One is the great strategic, political and economic significance of the state and 2nd is the water. Water is the central and an important need of any country’s survival. It is water that India is obdurate to keep Kashmir in its territory, without the willingness of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Since 1947, both the civil and military leadership of Pakistan have been providing serious efforts for the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute. They are continuously providing political and moral support to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and have continuously raised issues on different international forums to gain support for the rights of Kashmiri people.

The newly appointed Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir has taken charge at a time when Pakistan is tackling multiple crises. But despite all these crises Pakistan army is ever ready to ensure the independence, national security and integrity of the state and to combat any kind of threat or aggression. On 3rd December 2022, the chief of army staff (COAS) visited the Rakhchikri Sector of Line of Control (LoC) and responded to the fallacious remarks and highly irresponsible statements of the Indian Army about taking control of AJK and G-B. He stated that Pakistan’s armed forces are ever ready, not only to defend every inch of our motherland, but to take the fight back to the enemy if ever war is imposed on us. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) was briefed on the latest situation along LoC & operational preparedness of the formation. While interacting with the officers & soldiers of the army he appreciated their high morale, professional competence & combat readiness while performing duties in challenging conditions. He emphasized that any misconception resulting in a misadventure will always be met with the full might of our armed forces backed by a resilient nation. He stated that the Indian state will never be able to achieve her nefarious designs. Moreover, he stressed that the world must ensure justice and deliver what is promised to the people of Jammu and Kashmir as per UN resolutions.

Indeed, no external power can succeed in overpowering Pakistan in the presence of a very strong and highly professional army but there is an immediate need to educate the people of Pakistan against the domestic and international conspiracies being used to weaken Pakistan through an indirect approach of targeting its army. The people of Pakistan must stand at the back of its armed forces and must provide constant, strong and dedicated support to them.

The author is a PhD scholar at International Islamic university Islamabad.

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