Modern technology should be adopted to highlight Kashmir dispute at global level: Speakers

Muzaffarabad, March 18 (KMS): A Kashmir Conference was organized under the auspices of non-governmental organizations, Paniyar, New Sahar Foundation and University of Azad Kashmir at King Abdullah Campus of the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Muzaffarabad, today.

Addressing the conference, the speakers said the strategy of social media and modern hybrid warfare should be adopted to highlight the Kashmir dispute at the global level.

Regarding the enemy’s propaganda against Pakistani institutions, they said that nowadays social media is considered the most important tool of hybrid warfare than traditional media.

The speakers said through various social websites and social media groups, confusion, anxiety, uncertainty and chaos are spread among the people of the countries and India is also using the same tactics against Kashmir and Pakistan.

They said most of the work in the hybrid warfare is done on the youth section as youth leaders and organizations are formed and huge funds are provided to them under their agenda. These youths are invited to attractive training courses and to countries of their background and try to keep them connected in the name of “follow-up”.

In the conference, the students expressed their solidarity with the Pakistani institutions.

Vice Chairman of Friends of Kashmir Abdul Hameed Lone, Dr Imtiaz Awan, Khadija Zareen, Asim Zaib and Khawaja Fahad were among the speakers.

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