Kashmiri delegates apprise ACANU members, journalists of grim HR situation in IIOJK

Geneva, March 17 (KMS): Kashmiri delegates attending the 52nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva held a meeting with the members of the Association of United Nations Correspondents (ACANU) as well as some local journalists to apprise them of the alarming human rights violations in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The members of the Kashmiri delegation who included academics, political activists and analysts informed the ACANU members and other participants of the meeting that took place in the UN building of how brazenly India had usurped civil liberties and other fundamental rights of the oppressed Kashmiri people, particularly after abrogating the special status of the territory in August 2019.

“In a world where realization for recognition and subsequent protection of the lives and dignity of human beings is on the rise, India remains an exception by blatantly denying the same to the Kashmiris under its control for their only sin of demanding their internationally acknowledged right to self-determination,” said Altaf Wani, head of the delegation.

In response, the ACANU President Tamer Aboalenin and his colleagues expressed their concern over the situation unfolded by the Kashmiri delegates and pledged to highlight it, in accordance with the UN mechanism, as per a statement issued after the meeting.

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