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700 students from India face deportation from Canada over forged documents

Ottawa, March 17 (KMS): Canada is set to deport 700 Indian students after authorities identified fake college admission letters that were used to study and stay in the country.

The Canadian Border Security Agency issued deportation notices to the students, most of whom arrived in Canada through a Punjab-based migration services company, local media reported.

The forged documentation came to light when the students began to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The immigration officials reviewed the authenticity of the college admission letters during the process and they were found to be fake.

Most of the students who are now facing deportation, reportedly finished their education, applied for and received a work permit, and gathered the work experience required to apply for a permanent residency.

All 700 students who were issued the deportation notice had applied for a study visa after grade 12 through the Education Migration Services firm in Jalandhar city of the Indian state of Punjab.

The Canadian study visa was granted between 2018 and 2019 based on a now-identified forged college admission letter, according to the media reports.

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