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Amid rising incidents, one more police officer takes life in Assam, India

Guwahati, March 16 (KMS): Amid rising incidents of suicides and internal fighting, one more police officer, Superintendent of Police’s Personal Security Officer (PSO), was found hanging inside the confines of his Golaghat quarter in Assam.

Rakesh Rai was the police constable who passed away. Although the exact reason for the occurrence is still unknown, it has been speculated that he may have killed himself.

For a post-mortem examination, the body was transported to a local hospital in Golaghat.

Three days prior to the incident, a senior police officer was discovered hanging at a battalion camp in the Cachar area of Assam. In the Kathal neighbourhood of Cachar, the constable, Biplab Chakraborty, was discovered in a room in the 6th Assam Police Battalion camp. When they discovered a body hanging in the room, Chakraborty’s coworkers alerted higher authorities, who then notified the police.

The cause of the constable’s death is still under investigation by the police, who are still looking into both instances.

Earlier, a cop shot himself in the head with his service pistol in the Tinsukia district.

Ashok, the constable, committed suicide in his room .

His body was brought to Tinsukia Common Medical Clinic for an autopsy.

A Mizoram Police constable fatally shot two of his on-duty coworkers in a shocking event. The event reportedly happened on 5 March, Sunday night in the Buarchep oil palm camp.

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