Hindutva goons shot Muslim man, assaulted 9-month-old baby in UP

Lucknow, March 11 (KMS): A Muslim man was shot dead, a woman’s eyes gouged out and a 9-month-old baby slammed on the ground, all for stopping Hindutva goons from drinking alcohol in front of a shop.

This heart-wrenching incident reportedly took place in Jaunpur city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

As per a video making rounds on social media, some men from the Thakur community came up to a puncture shop and sat on the bonnet of the car outside the shop. The owner of the shop, Kamal stopped them from doing so and moved the car and some argument and altercation followed but the situation was normalised. However, the reaction came later when 15-20 men from the Thakur community, went to the house of Kamal and fired at him, killing him on the spot. They also mercilessly beat up a woman with the butt of the gun where her eyes were gouged out, nose was broken. They also threw the 9-month baby on the floor, causing her ear to bleed. Three more persons from the family were also injured in this assault.

Muslims from the area held a sit-in protest demanding action against the culprits. They also demanded a government job for a family member and 1 crore compensation.

A local news report from a channel called Azamgarh Express showed the woman replete with plasters on her face and the 9-month-old baby as well. As per the report, out of the four accused, two have been wanted criminals (Sujit and Sunny).

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