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Muslim men attacked in Haryana

Haryana, India, February 25 (KMS): Members of the Muslim community were attacked in two separate incidents on allegations of cow smuggling and beef consumption in Haryana.

Two Muslim youth, Saleem and Mujahid, had gone to Manpur village to buy cattle. Saleem and Mujahid sell cattle to zamindars for a living.

“Suddenly someone shouted, ‘These two are Muslims’ and we were surrounded by men with axes,” Saleem said.

On seeing the mob, Mujahid said that he started his motorbike but was attacked. “My bike fell to the ground. I ran away to save my life,” Mujahid said. Saleem, however, could not escape. “They tried to aim my head but I raised my hand and got cut. I also got hit on my legs,” he said.

According to Saleem, he heard one of them shouting, “Take him to the room and electrocute him.”

“I remember one of my attackers is the nephew of the sarpanch,” Saleem said, adding, “They took away my watch and Rs 50,000.”

Fortunately, a man, who was also a Hindu, went to save Saleem. He asked the attackers to stop and told Saleem to run. He told the attackers that he knows me and asked me to leave the place,” Saleem said.

Later Saleem lodged an FIR at the Mundkani police station.

Saleem and Mujahid are residents of Roopraka village in Haryana.

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