Pakistan’s reference to Kashmir during UNGA session on Ukraine unnerves India

United Nations, February 24 (KMS): Pakistan’s reference of Kashmir dispute while delivering the explanation of vote on the UN General Assembly resolution on Ukraine during the Emergency Special Session has unnerved India.

Pakistan’s Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Munir Akram, brought up the Kashmir dispute while explaining why Islamabad abstained on a resolution calling on Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine.

He said that Pakistan supports the “resolution’s call for respect for the principle of the sovereignty, sovereign equality and territorial integrity of states and non-acquisition of territory by the threat or use of force”.

One of the explanations the Pakistan’s UN envoy gave for the abstention was that “Pakistan regrets that these principles have not been universally applied and respected, for instance, in the situation of foreign occupation, and the ongoing attempt at the illegal and forcible annexation of Jammu and Kashmir”.

In his reaction, Pratik Mathur, a counsellor at India’s UN Mission, dismissed Pakistan’s attempt to link Kashmir to the Ukraine situation.

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