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Guardian exposes India for not fulfilling its promises with Kashmiris

London, February 19 (KMS): A British daily newspaper, The Guardian, has exposed the ugly face of India for not fulfilling its promises made to the Kashmiris.

The English daily in its report highlighted the Indian tactics to prevent the release of the Bucher Papers on Occupied Kashmir.

The Guardian has reported that the promise of independent statehood to Kashmiris was violated, on the other hand, the Modi government tried to prevent the breach of the promise made to Kashmiris from coming to light.

The Bucher Papers on Kashmir contain correspondence between Jawaharlal Nehru and General Roy Bucher on Kashmir and the ceasefire.

According to The Guardian, General Roy Bucher advised Nehru to take the Kashmir issue to the United Nations for a peaceful settlement, but in time the annexation was usurped.

According to the papers, in 1952, Nehru made a statement in the Indian Lok Sabha that Kashmiris are free to decide about their future, and India would not impose its will on Kashmiris at the gunpoint.

In October 2022, the chairperson of the Nehru Museum requested that the Bucher Papers be made public for research purposes, but the Indian Ministry of External Affairs said that making the Bucher Papers public could have political and external implications for India.

It should be noted that India usually declassifies official correspondence and documents after 25 years, and several times in the past, journalistic organizations and activists have tried to make the Bucher Papers public.

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