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Kashmir should not be considered as a mere piece of land: MK Jha

New Delhi, February 11 (KMS): Rashtriya Janata Dal Member of Indian Parliament MK Jha has urged the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government not to consider Kashmir as a mere piece of land because people are living there and unless the hearts of Kashmiris are won, Kashmir cannot be won.

MK Jha addressing the Indian Parliament said that bulldozers have been operating in occupied Jammu and Kashmir for several months and it is being said that the government lands are being vacated, but people’s houses are being demolished there without any notice and people are being displaced. He said that changing the name does not change history.

It should be noted that the Hindutva government of the BJP has repeatedly claimed that the situation in IIOJK is normal and the Indian government has been changing the names of historical places and buildings attributed to Muslims in the occupied territory and India.

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