Syed Ali Gilani had forewarned Kashmiris about India’s wicked plans in IIOJK

Islamabad, February 09 (KMS): Late Syed Ali Gilani, the towering personality and iconic pro-freedom leader in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, in an appeal to the oppressed Kashmiris, had warned them beforehand to beware of India’s nefarious designs.

In a video clip making rounds on social media, Syed Ali Gilani can be heard saying that everything belonging to the people of Kashmir is being snatched, their land and forests are being taken away, their honour and dignity as well as modesty of their women are being attacked. Above all, the sagacious leader warns that ultimately the Kashmiri Muslims will be forced to relinquish their religion.

The visionary Kashmiri pro-freedom leader says that he can write this with his blood that the Muslims of Kashmir will meet the same fate as witnessed by Muslims of Andulas (present-day Spain and Portugal) in the 16th century. He states that the Kashmir will be made a Hindu state after bringing Hindus from India and settling them in the territory. He says that the Kashmiri Muslims will be put behind bars on one pretext or other, they will be forced to migrate from their ancestral lands, they will be killed after deeming them as Mujahideen, and all this will be done to change the Muslim majority status of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the video, Syed Ali Gilani says this is the Indian policy towards Kashmir, urging the people of the occupied territory to beware of this wicked policy and also alert others about it. “This is our duty and we are performing this with the God’s help,” he adds.

At the end, Syed Ali Gilani appeals to all Kashmiris, irrespective of their sects, to respect each other and stop saying words or doing things which will create chaos and disorder among the people, warning this may sound the death knell for the whole Kashmir community.

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