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No case against hate monger, Delhi police sends notice to news website for reporting hate speech

New Delhi, February 07 (KMS): In yet another biased act, the Delhi police have sent a notice to a news website for reporting hate speech of Hindutva members against Muslims instead of taking action against the hate-mongers.

The Delhi police sent a notice to the news website Molitics for reporting hate speech made by the rightwing Hindus against Muslims during an event at Jantar Mantar on Sunday (February 5).

The police have called the reports published by the news website “offensive malicious and inciting posts”. However, no case has been registered against the Hindutva who issued open threats to Muslims and Christians.

The notice tweeted by DCP (Deputy Commissioner of Police) New Delhi, warned the website to refrain from reporting such events otherwise strict action will be initiated against it.

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