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Kashmir not part of India – BBC documentary continues to haunt Modi regime

New Delhi, January 31 (KMS): BJP government in India has waged a sinister campaign against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) after the later released a two-episode series on the India’s incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s blatant involvement in the 2002 massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.

The Indian government has launched its media outlets to discredit the BBC and its documentary on different grounds.

For example, one pro-BJP government outlet under the headline “Did BBC intentionally remove Kashmir from the map of India?” wrote:

“BBC Documentary: The controversy over BBC documentary has not stopped yet. After its demonstration in many parts of the country (India), the situation was seen deteriorating. This documentary was screened in JNU campus after which stone pelting and violence took place. The police immediately swung into action and normalized the situation.

“Now another controversy is getting deeper. Some of his old screenshots are going viral on social media. In this, Kashmir has been shown separately from the map of India.”

Bhavna Arora, author of the book Undaunted Lieutenant Umar Faiyaz of Kashmir, sent a screenshot of the same video and wrote in the caption, “BBC removes Kashmir from India. It’s time we remove BBC from India! Means India removed Kashmir from BBC, now is the time to remove BBC from India. Many other users are tweeting like this.”

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