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IIOJK in focus

AP’s ‘disputed Kashmir’ narrative goes well in IIOJK

Washington, January 31 (KMS): In what total rejection of India’s self-styled claim on Kashmir, a story by the US news agency Associated Press has emphatically used the word “disputed” for Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir while covering India’s opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi’s march.

The story titled “Indian opposition’s ‘unity march’ ends in disputed Kashmir” runs on Yahoo search engine as:

“India’s main opposition Congress party ended a five-month cross-country “unity march” in disputed Kashmir on Monday with hundreds of members of various opposition groups joining in a public rally in freezing temperatures.”

Then the news agency gives the details of the march led by Rahul Gandhi.

The AP wrote: “He (Rahul Gandhi) set a conciliatory tone in Kashmir, where New Delhi in 2019 ended the region’s semi-autonomy and took direct control of it amid a widespread crackdown and communication blackout.”

“I think statehood and restoration of the democratic process in Jammu and Kashmir is fundamental and very important and I think that would be a first step,” Gandhi said. “I am not happy with what I see in Jammu and Kashmir. In fact, I am saddened,” he was quoted by AP as having said.

AP’s clear-cut narration on Kashmir went down well across occupied Jammu and Kashmir where people are spearheading a struggle for UN-acknowledged right to self-determination struggle.

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