Rahul Gandhi lambasts Modi’s silence over China’s control of Ladakh

Srinagar, January 30 (KMS): Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sounding a warning on China has termed as dangerous the approach being adopted by the Modi-led Indian government over what he said Beijing’s control of around 2,000 sq km of territory in Ladakh.

Rahul Gandhi speaking at a press conference in Srinagar said, “I keep repeating that the approach the government is following, by denying that the Chinese have taken our land, is an extremely dangerous approach”. This, he added, is “going to give them the confidence to do even more aggressive things”.

Rahul Gandhi said that due to Indian government’s approach, the country is under the impression that the Chinese have not taken any land from India.

“I recently met some ex-army people and even a delegation from Ladakh has clearly said that 2,000 sq km of Indian territory has been taken over by the Chinese. They also said that many, many patrolling points that were in the Indian territory are firmly in Chinese hands,” he added.

Pertinently, a recent report by a senior police officer in Ladakh also confirmed that India has lost access to 26 of 65 patrolling points in the cold desert region.

In a separate conversation with Indian film actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, Rahul Gandhi said, “What the Chinese are saying to us is that be careful with what you are doing, because we will alter your geography. We will enter Ladakh, we will enter Arunachal Pradesh, and what I can see is them building a platform for that type of an approach”.

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