‘Modi regime trampling basic principles of press freedom in India’


Islamabad, January 27 (KMS): The Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian regime is trampling basic principles of press freedom in India.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said banning the BBC documentary critical of Modi is yet another attack on the press freedom in India. It said press freedom in India has drastically declined since Modi came to power.

It said the Modi regime’s silencing of critical voices is reminiscent of Hindutva Nazism and the global media watchdogs have termed the ban on BBC documentaries on Modi as a risk for press freedom in India.

The International Press Institute, on banning BBC documentaries, had said the Modi government is clearly abusing emergency powers to punish or restrict any & all criticism of its policies, the report said.

Similarly, the report said, the Committee to Protect Journalists had said that the Indian government’s order to social media platforms to block BBC documentaries about Modi is an attack on free press. The Human Rights Watch said New Delhi’s blocking of a BBC documentary on Modi reflects a broader crackdown on freedom of expression in India.

The report maintained that the BBC documentary concluded that Modi was directly responsible for 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat pogrom. India, under Modi, continues to slide down the World Press Freedom Index, it said.

It said Modi and his henchmen can’t hide their crimes by stifling free press in India, adding assault on free press in India is a wakeup call for the global media organizations.

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