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IIOJK in focus

Poor mobile internet service leaves IIOK traders in the lurch

Srinagar, January 23 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, failure of cellular companies to ensure quality internet service in Srinagar and other areas is taking a heavy toll on traders.

Traders of Lal Chowk, Abi Guzar, Lambert Lane and Regal Chowk areas said due to poor internet service, they are suffering huge losses.

Regal Chowk Traders Association led by its president Farhan Kitab told the media that they want resolution of the issue. Farhan Kitab said that the footfall shoppers have been affected due to poor internet service, and their business is suffering. He said the issue is most prevalent along Residence road markets.

“The traders are facing immense problems in carrying out business as the online payment platforms have been rendered defunct and are not smoothly working. Most of the time the shoppers prefer to shop elsewhere as they can’t make online payments,” Kitab said.

The traders said that they have been reaching out to telecom operators, but the issue is not being solved.

“We are all aware that online transactions are an essential service. Our business is badly hit when the internet is not working properly. We have top computer hardware stores in the Regal Chowk area, which are facing a huge problem. We want the authorities to intervene so that issue is addressed. The problem is not with one telecom operator but all major operators,” said a trader at Lal Chowk.

The shoppers also said that they are suffering due to defunct online payment platforms following poor internet connectivity.

“Be it customers or traders, all use payment apps to make payments. None of the apps like Gpay, Mpay, Paytm, and others are working properly in this area. In today’s era, not everyone carries cash in their pockets, and most of them rely on mobile payment, ‘said Fazil Mir, a shopper.

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