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India invokes emergency laws to ban BBC Modi documentary

New Delhi, January 23 (KMS): The Indian government has invoked emergency laws to block a BBC documentary examining the role of the prime minister, Narendra Modi, during violence in the western state of Gujarat in 2002.

The documentary on the 2002 Gujarat pogrom made by the BBC, which holds the then chief minister of Gujarat and now Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the mass anti-Muslim violence in the state, has triggered strong reactions not just in India but also around the word.

The BBC also uncovered memos showing that Modi’s conduct was criticised at the time by western diplomats and the British government, including in a government report which found that the violence had “all the hallmarks of an ethnic cleansing.”

Modi has been haunted for decades for the violence that took place in Gujarat.
Hundreds of Muslims died in violence across the state. Police were standing by and were not protecting the Muslims from the Hindu mobs and even tacitly supporting the Hindu extremists.

Below is BBC documentary link

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