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BJP turning Karnatak state into Hindutva laboratory: says Congress leader

Mangaluru, January 22(KMS): The former Chief Minister and Opposition leader in the in Indian state Karnataka assembly, Siddaramaiah has said that BJP is trying to turn coastal Karnataka into a laboratory of Hindutva for their political advantage.

addressing reporters in Udupi, Siddaramaiah said that the BJP is more interested in speaking about ‘love jihad’ rather than development issues.

The BJP is spreading lies in the name of Hindutva to cause division in society, the Congress leader said.
The congress leader, Siddramaiah said, Hinduism and Hindutva are entirely different. The former Chief Minister, who was in Udupi as part of the ‘Praja Dhwani’ programme of the Congress, said people have come to realise the mindset of the BJP. Congress believes in spreading love among the people regardless of their religion, said Siddaramaiah.

He further added that terrorism of any nature should be condemned by all and those who work behind such activities should be severely punished.

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