Hindutva leader from Karnataka asks Hindus to display swords at homes

New Delhi, January 13 (KMS): In a veiled threat to minorities, particularly Muslims, another Hindutva leader in India has called upon Hindus to display swords at homes.

Sri Ram Sena leader Pramod Muthalik in the Indian state of Karnataka made these remarks while addressing a convention of Hindu leaders at Yadrami in Kalaburagi on Thursday and the comments have gone viral on social media, raising concerns.

“Talwars (sword) should not be kept to attack others, it has to be kept for the protection of the religion and the country,” he maintained.

Muthalik added that if the police come and question for the display, the people should ask them to file cases on Hindu deities Kali, Durga, Hanuman and Ram.

“Keeping one talwar at home is not a crime. If a talwar is kept at home, no one will dare to exploit Hindu women,” he said.

It is to mention here that earlier, Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Member of Indian Parliament, Pragya Thakur, had called for the genocide of Muslims in India. Addressing a programme in Shivamogga city of Karnataka state on December 25, 2023, Pragya Thakur made derogatory speech against the Muslims. She had asked the Hindus to give a befitting answer to love jihad – a term being used by Hindutva fanatics against the Muslims who marry Hindu women. Pragya Thakur asked the Hindus to “keep weapons at home”. “If there is no weapon, at least sharpen the knife used for cutting vegetables,” she said.

“If our knife cuts vegetables well, it can be effective on our enemies as well,” she added while referring to the Muslims as enemies of Hindus.

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