Over 100 ex-Indian bureaucrats seek action against MP for hate speech

New Delhi, January 08 (KMS): A group of civil servants has sought action against Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pragya Thakur for urging Hindus to stock weapons at home to cut the heads of Muslims and Christians in India.

Addressing an event organised by the Hindu Jagarana Vedike in Karnataka’s Shivamogga city on December 25, the Bhopal MP had asked Hindus: “Keep weapons in your homes, if nothing else, at least keep knives used to cut vegetables sharp.”

IN response to the hate speech, the former civil servants in a statement issued under the banner of the Constitutional Conduct Group said that that Thakur was targeting Muslims with her remarks.

“It is also possible that she was sending out a warning against Christians and other non-Hindu communities as well,” they added. “She is obviously fomenting hate against non-Hindu communities and advocating violence against them.”

The statement was signed by 103 retired civil servants, including former Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung, former Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah, former Indian Administrative Services officers Harsh Mander, Julio Ribeiro and Aruna Roy.

The former bureaucrats said strict action should be taken against Thakur as she has not only committed several offences under the Indian Penal Code but violated the oath taken by her as a Member of Parliament to uphold the Constitution of India. “By her incendiary hate speech and her repeated acts of propagating hate, she has forfeited the ethical right to be a Member of Parliament,” the statement added.

Open call for Killing of Muslims by BJP MP ‘Sadhvi’ Pragya Thakur during her speech in Karnataka. says, “Keep weapons at home. Keep them sharp. If veggies can be cut well, so can the enemy’s head”.

The signatories urged Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla to refer the matter to the Committee of Ethics of the Lower House for action.

The former civil servants noted in their statement that the Indian society has “become inured to hate speech against minorities”. They said “a daily dose of venom” is spewed on social media and other platforms against non-Hindu communities, especially Muslims.

“Often, these verbal attacks are accompanied by physical violence, assaults on their places of worship, anti-conversion legislation, hurdles placed in the way of inter-faith marriages, denial of livelihoods and a myriad other actions to lower their status in society,” the statement said. “A compliant media and systematic distortion of history by people in positions of authority feed this frenzy of communal hate.”

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