Asked to remove shirt at Bangalore airport, woman reveals ordeal

Bangalore, January 04 (KMS): Reports from India are not encouraging, especially when it comes to the womenfolk as in one latest agonizing incident a woman was asked to remove her shirt in the presence of dozens of men at Bangalore airport in Karnataka.

The woman who identified herself on twitter account a “Performing Musician/Student/Session artist” in a tweet revealed her ordeal and the “humiliation” she suffered.

The woman said, “I was asked to remove my shirt at Bengaluru airport during security check. It was really humiliating to stand there at the security checkpoint wearing just a camisole and getting the kind of attention you’d never want as a woman.”

Why would you need a woman to strip?” she tweeted. The Twitter user identified herself as “Performing Musician/Student/Session artist” in her bio. She did not provide the date of the incident.

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