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Christians, Muslims top enemies of Hindus: VHP leader

Jodhpur, December 24 (KMS): A leader of Hindutva organization Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has said that Christians and Muslims are top enemies of Hindus.

The Hindutva leader delivered a speech at a weapon worship event organized by VHP and Bajrang Dal in Jodhpur city the Indian state of Rajasthan.

“Right now, Christians are our top enemies, they go to tribal areas, target the poor and convert them to Christianity. There are three lakh Christian priests in India who convert people,” he claimed.

“Muslims are the second on the enemies list of Hindus… There are 5 lakh Madrassas and 3.5 lakh Mosques in India. They want to convert India to ‘Darul Islam’. Molvis go to villages to incite people against India,” the leader said.

“They want to convert Darul Arab to ‘Darul Islam’. Molvis go to villages to incite people against India,” the Hindu leader claimed.

He said that every Hindu home should have weapons. “We possess gold, silver, electronics and other luxuries of life but we can’t spend a mere 150-200 rupees for weapons,” he lamented.

The Hindutva leader also praised Hitler in his speech and claimed, “Hitler considered Hindus as a supreme race. He used to send German women to India to get them conceived by Hindu men so their newborns would be brave.”

“God has blessed us by making us inhabitants of this holy land,” he added.

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