US ready to assist Pakistan and India to sort out differences: Ned Price

Washington, December 20 (KMS): A constructive dialogue between Pakistan and India is for the betterment of the people of the two countries, the United States said and reiterated that its relationships with either of them is not zero-sum.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price told reporters at his daily news conference on Monday that “We have a global strategic partnership with India. I have also spoken about the deep partnership we have with Pakistan. These relationships in our mind are not zero-sum. We do not view them in relation to one another”.

“Each of them is indispensable to the United States and to the promotion and the pursuit of the shared goals that we have with India and Pakistan, he said in response to a question.

“The fact that we have partnerships with both countries leaves us not wanting to see a war of words between India and Pakistan. We would like to see constructive dialogue between India and Pakistan. We think that is for the betterment of the Pakistani and Indian people. There is much work that we can do together bilaterally,” Price said.

“There are differences that, of course, need to be addressed between India and Pakistan. The United States stands ready to assist as a partner to both,” he asserted.

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