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‘Korean’ woman youtuber harassed on Mumbai street; video goes viral

Mumbai, December 01 (KMS): As present-day India is not only becoming alarmingly dangerous for local women but foreign women are also not safe from sexual assaults, and the latest victim is a female YouTuber from South Korea.

A video has surfaced showing the South Korean woman YouTuber being sexually harassed by a man on a street in Mumbai.

A Twitter handle which shared the video claimed the woman was from South Korea and was live-streaming in suburban Khar area when the incident took place on Wednesday.

The video showed a young man coming very close to her and trying to pull her by holding her hand even when she protested. As the woman began to walk away from the spot, the man again appeared on a motorbike with a friend, offering her a lift while she told him in broken English that she did not want it.

The police are looking for the man who harassed the woman, an official said.

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