‘I’ve emails & WhatsApp to prove all jury members viewed The Kashmir Files as propaganda, vulgar film’: Nadav Lapid

New Delhi, November 30 (KMS): The International Film Festival of India’s jury head, Nadav Lapid, had created a furor at the closing ceremony when he called Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial, The Kashmir Files, a ‘propaganda, vulgar film’.

The Israeli filmmaker had also claimed that all the jury members felt the same way. Now, in an exclusive interview with India Today TV, he reiterated the fact that all the jury members were of the same opinion and he has emails and WhatsApp messages to back his claim.

Talking to India Today TV, Nadav Lapid said that statements he made on The Kashmir Files were not his opinion alone. He said, “My statements and opinions were shared by all the jury members. All of us were sitting in the screening room and had the same feelings after the screening. Everyone was aware of what was going to be said. I have emails and WhatsApp to prove it. I understand that under pressure or fear or anxiety, people can suddenly change their statements.”

However, he refrained from sharing those messages and said, “I understand the sensibility of the situation and the people who are afraid and feel they might pay a price. But you can contact the French and Spanish jury members.”

Nadav Lapid, at the closing ceremony of IFFI in Goa, India, on Monday, said, “All of us are disturbed. It felt to us like a propaganda, vulgar movie inappropriate for an artistic competitive section of such a prestigious competition. I feel totally comfortable in sharing these feelings openly on stage, since the spirit of the festival truly accepts critical discussion which is essential for art and life.”

After massive backlash Nadav Lapid’s comments faced, IFFI jury member Sudipto Sen took to Twitter to say that Nadav Lapid’s comments on The Kashmir Files are his personal opinion.

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