NC vows to continue fight to restore identity of Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar, November 28 (KMS): The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary, Ali Mohammad Saghar has said that National Conference is fighting to restore the identity of Jammu and Kashmir.

This he said while addressing a worker’s meeting in Srinagar.

Saghar said people are looking towards NC to take them out of the mess and chaos. “NC is not just a political party, it’s emblematic of the struggle against suppression. It’s a platform where people have expressed, debated, contested and consented ideas to take J&K from an oppressive rule to real freedom. We gave voice to every single person irrespective of their religious, linguistic and regional affiliations. Our collective challenge is to shape our future by protecting our unique identity, culture and constitutional position,” he added.

Saghar further added that those who are working against the interests of the people of Kashmir are coming up with new fabricated stories every day. He asked people to remain alert and defeat the evil designs of those forces who thrive on chaos and confusion.

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