Internet suspended after Muslim man killed in Rajasthan

Jaipur, November 25 (KMS): The Hindutva terrorists killed a 34-year-old Muslim man Ibrahim Pathan and injured 22-year-old Kamruddin in the Indian state Rajasthan.

Tension erupted after the killing of a Muslim youth in Bhilwara district of the state.

The police imposed a 48-hour shutdown on Internet services after people took to the streets in protest against the killing. Superintendent of Police Aadarsh Siddhu on Friday claimed that two accused had been detained.

Four Hindutva terrorists came on two bikes and shot dead a Muslim youth. Chaos was seen on the road soon after the incident. The police blocked the roads but the killers were not caught.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Jyeshtha Maitreyi said two brothers, Ibrahim Pathan alias Bhura (34) and Kamruddin alias Tony (22) were going towards Harni Mahadev from Badla intersection in Bhilwara when four miscreants came on two bikes and started firing at them.

“They fired three rounds. One bullet hit Ibrahim Pathan, who died, while his brother Kamruddin was injured,” the police officer added.

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