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IIOJK children biggest victims of Indian brutalities: Hurriyat leaders

Srinagar, November 20 (KMS): As the World Children’s Day is being observed all over the world, today, the children in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir continue to remain the biggest victims of Indian brutalities, said Hurriyat leaders and organizations.

The leaders and organizations in their statements issued in Srinagar in connection with the Day drew the attention of the international community and human rights organizations to the plight of tens of thousands of children in the occupied territory.

Pasban-e-Hurriyat Chairman Uzair Ahmed Ghazali in a statement issued in Muzaffarabad said the children of IIOJK are being killed and arrested under a systematic plan. He said that over 1100 innocent Kashmiri children have been martyred by Indian soldiers and hundreds of children have lost their vision due to the use of pellet guns.

Uzair Ghazali appealed to the world community and international human rights organizations to realize the pain and sufferings of the Kashmiri children and put pressure on the Modi-led fascist Indian government to ensure the protection of the rights of Kashmiri children in IIOJK.

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