Shraddha Walker killing being used to spread anti-Muslim hate in India

New Delhi, Nov 18 (KMS):  The brutal murder of Shraddha Walker by her live-in partner Aaftab Amin Poonawala is being used to spread hatred against the Muslim community by the Hindutva supporters and the news anchors citing the religious identity of Aaftab.

Ever since the news of the murder came to light, many people started focusing on the religious identity of Aaftab to give it a ‘love-jehad’ angle. They also started blaming the deceased Sharaddha for having relationship with a Muslim man.

On Twitter, a hashtag ‘#MeraAbdulAisaNahiHai was run with an intent to spread anti-Muslim sentiments. The hashtag was aimed at those Hindus who believed in Hindu-Muslim relationship. In the hashtag, the names of the Hindu women, who were reportedly killed by their Muslim partners, were selectively shared to insinuate that they had all met the same fate owing to their wrong choice.

News Anchor Amish Devgan, the managing editor of News18 who is notorious for his hate agenda, picked these names and aired them on his debate show.

Sharing a clip of his monologue, Devgan tweeted, “We still have time to come to the right path. Otherwise, I don’t know how many Shraddha and Nidhi will lose their lives in the name of ‘love-Jehad’.

In the clip, Devgan cleverly chose the incidents in which Muslim man killed his partner and urged the people to ponder over the question who is responsible for these murder.

Hindutva leader Naveen Jindal slammed the community which justified the chopping of the body. He tried to insinuate that the Muslim community is justifying the murder of Sharaddha.

Some people countered the anti-Muslim narrative being spread by Hindutva supporters and activists.

Responding to the anti-Muslim narrative, AltNews fact-checker Shinjinee Mazumdar tweeted, “The RW has yet again taken the Delhi Murder as an opportunity to moral police Hindu women into serving their political agenda. They are shaming the dead victim for dating a Muslim man. These narratives steer the conversation away from the more important issues of women’s safety”.

Responding to Devgan’s clip, journalist Mohammed Zubair mentioned all the incidents in which Hindu men murdered their partners.

“Yes Aftab’s case is the rarest of rare case. But Godi media picks up selected few cases asking “Iska Kaun Zimmedaar hai” & try to set a narrative. There many cases which go unreported by National media, Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Thread on a few ‘reported’ cases in 1 month,” tweeted Zubair.

Journalist Alishan Jafri mentioned the incidents in which Hindu men has murdered their Muslim partners.

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