Muslim student in Australia forced to watch cartoon of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Melbourne, November 11 (KMS): An Australian teacher forced a Muslim student to look at a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) at a school in Melbourne.

During a media studies class at a Melbourne college, the teacher played a “blasphemous” cartoon to the class that depicted the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the student’s father said.

Media reports said the offensive cartoon is believed to be a Charlie Hebdo front page from 2015, which sparked massive protests across the Muslim world.

The Muslim student raised objections to the material but did not leave the class and the teacher continued, the reports said.

“My daughter also tried to express her discomfort at the video but unfortunately the teacher didn’t care and continued to play the video, forcing my child to view the content,” the disgruntled father deplored.

“Forcing a child to view content is illegal and against the law. This has aggravated my child and my family’s sentiments in a painful manner and has put us in a painful psychological and mental trauma,” he added.

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