India faces thrashing at UNHRC during UPR over its abysmal HR record

Geneva, November 11 (KMS): Several countries took strong exception to India’s abysmal record on human rights in the country at the UN Human Rights Council’s session in Geneva.

During the 4th cycle of the Universal Periodic Review of India at the UNHRC session, various countries including Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Vatican City, Ireland, South Korea, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, Mexico, France and Nepal called upon the Indian government to ensure freedom of religion and end discrimination against human rights defenders and religious minorities. The session was live-streamed.

The strongest comment on the freedom of religion came from Greece that called upon India to “ensure full implementation of freedom of religion”.

“Immediately release all human rights defenders,” said Luxembourg in its suggestions at the UPR at HRC.

Germany expressed concern about the rights situation in India and said, “Germany remains concerned about the rights of marginalised groups, especially religious minorities as well as women and girls.” Germany also said that the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act should not “unduly restrict” the “freedom of association” in India. The German representative said that the discrimination against Dalits should end.

Ireland recommended that the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act be applied in a transparent manner and that Indian States should “repeal” anti-conversion laws to ensure compliance to international human rights laws.

The representative of South Korea also raised the issue of FCRA.

Italy asked India to enable the civil society organisations and freedom of expression and freedom of religion. “Take concrete measures to end violence against them (minorities),” said the representative of Italy.

Lithuania demanded of India to end restrictions on freedom of expression and civil society.

Belgium which had submitted advance questions raised the issue of civil liberties in India and demanded an end to restrictions on freedom of religion.

The Marshall Islands called for an end to caste-based violence and violence against women.

Mexico raised the National Register of Citizenship and called for measures that can reduce chances of stateless people.

France and Montenegro urged India to ratify the Convention against Torture.

Nepal asked India to strengthen measures to end violence against women and end child marriage.

Even Israel, which is guiding and helping India in suppressing the Kashmiris’ just struggle for securing freedom from Indian illegal occupation, called upon New Delhi to end violence against women.

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