India gives full access to Israel in IIOJK at cost of global peace

New Delhi, November 09 (KMS): In what considered an alarming signal for Kashmiris, Pakistan and the world at large, India has accorded full access to Israel in the UN-recognized disputed territory of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir in the name of cooperation in agriculture sector.

The latest development comes in the backdrop of Israel’s decision to open two Centers of Excellence (CoE) in IIOJK as part of the Indo-Israel Agriculture Project (IIAP).

The announcement has been made by the Agriculture Attache at the Embassy of Israel in India, Yair Eshel.

It is public knowledge that India and Israel’s ties have elevated to a strategic partnership level. India is aggressively pursuing Israel’s Palestinian occupation model and both countries have extensive mutual experience sharing mechanisms in pursuing their nefarious illegal occupational objectives.

BJP’s IIOJK chapter chief Ravinder Raina in a statement has said that Israel’s interest in the agriculture sector in the territory is a stern message to Pakistan. He added that the Jewish nation is India’s trusted partner and has stood with us through “thick and thin”.

India and Israel are considered the world’s two most pronounced and internationally acknowledged countries involved in human rights violations. It is believed that the cooperation between the two nations is aimed to supplement and augment their actions related to the illegal occupation and jointly face international condemnation.

It is pertinent to mention that India and Israel have stark similarities in human rights abuses pattern. Both countries have forced their neighboring states into conventional wars, and are equally known to defy UN resolutions and international responsibilities.
They are also regarded as threats to international peace and regional stability.

The involvement of Israel in IIOJK, analysts believe, is certainly going to worsen the already appalling human rights situation in IIOJK.

Kashmir and Palestine are the worst examples of Hindu and Jewish settlements in modern history, joining hands of two open and biggest enemies of humanity demands immediate attention of the international community in the interest of global peace.

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