Man’s body travels 900km undetected in Indian train

New Delhi, November 04 (KMS): Indian police said that they discovered the body of a man that travelled undetected for 900 kilometres across northern India locked inside a train toilet.

Police believe the man boarded the train days before it set off from Bihar state and died inside the lavatory after locking the door.

An official said railway police forced the door open after passengers complained of smell.

The Saharsa-Amritsar Jan Sewa Express had by then travelled for nearly 24 hours from its starting point. The entire journey takes 35 hours.

The train was delayed for five hours while officers tried to check the dead man’s identity with other travellers before the journey to Amritsar was resumed.

“We still don’t know anything about the man,” said an official, Sahay. He is posted in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh state, where the grisly discovery was made.

“He likely entered the train when it was still parked in the yard and died on his own two or three days before the body was discovered,” he added.

Sanjay Rai, a doctor at a railway hospital, told The Times of India that the man “died after he slipped into a possible coma”.

The authorities have since distributed missing posters of the man around railway stations in Bihar.

Tens of thousands of bodies go unclaimed and unidentified in India every year. They are generally cremated by the police after three days, following efforts to identify any friends or relatives of the deceased.

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